Physiotherapy is a therapy aimed at maximizing the physical function and movement of a human being. General Physiotherapy, conventional, uro-gynecology and sports.

With medical prescription the treatments are covered by your basic insurance (LAMAL) but subject to the deductible and to the share of 10% or your accident insurance (LAA), we work with the “third party” system the invoices are sent to your insurance, if you have international insurance we send you an invoice that you will have to pay yourself and that you will have to send to your insurance for reimbursement, for the conditions of reimbursement, please contact your insurance.

Please bring with you to your first appointment your health insurance card as well as Radios, IRM etc … in the event of an accident we need the contact details of your accident insurance, claim number and accident date, the appointments must be canceled 24 hours in advance subject to being billed.

The prices are:

Package per 30 min session 48.- / Package per 45 min session 77.- / First treatment supplement 24.-

Without a medical prescription, your insurance will not be covered, the treatments are paid in cash at the end of the session:

30 min session nothing prescription : 70. –

60 min session nothing prescription: 120. –
Physiotherapists : Rita Freire – Johny Chaves Rego – Anne-Sophie